Saturday, August 27, 2016

Classroom Tour 2016-2017

Well hello there!

Today I'm sharing my newest classroom decor.  I got inspired this summer and I starting selling my old stuff and buying new stuff! When I got incredible feedback on my Insta page on this picture.....
I knew I would have to go ALL OUT! 

Labels are in my shop --> click HERE

I've tried to remember where everything is from but if you have any questions just leave me a comment below!

This is my chair that I've had for four years and it's held up well! 
Chair: Ikea
Pillow: Hobby Lobby

And I love my new easel (from Ikea) I just spray painted it in Nautical color to match my room! Isn't it so pretty?!

This wall above the lockers will be where we put our Rules/Expectations.
Table Fans- Hobby Lobby
Table/Team Number Labels- Mint Decor Pack
Table Baskets & Bins- Wal Mart

I LOVE the way this wall turned out. I'll be using it for each month's directed drawings. 
Cubbies- Target
Book Boxes- Really Good Stuff
Bin Labels- Kinder Craze
Rug- Target (online)
Pillows- Ikea & 5 Below

Our anchor charts will be on this wall here above the student's book boxes. A small technology stations to the left where I have class ipads & ipod listening station (in the bright boxes).
Pillows- Wal Mart & Amazon

Next up is our writing station.  The table is lowered so it fits these stools nicely. Our writing words are from the super talented Cara Carroll.
Lamp- Wal Mart
Stools- Ikea
Crayon box- Lowe's
Crayon Labels- 

This is our Calendar area with lots of information; Month's, colors, How Many Days, etc.
Calendar & How Many Days- Mint Decor
White Shelf & Bins- Ikea

LOVE my new desk chair and printer!!  This is my little area, coffee pot and color printer is all this girl needs to be happy!
Mint Metal Chair- Ikea 
Black Stools- Ikea
Color Printer- Amazon (First Grade Blue Skies Rec)
Mint Bins- Target
Colored Lights- I think Lowe's (a loooong time ago)

I decided to try some fine motor/stem tubs in the mornings (after their Rise & shine binders) and we'll rotate them each day.
Here's where I put them.

Each day I'll move the clothespin that says Team numbers. 

Our new phonics curriculum is Taping With Tiles so here's my big tiles board. :)

Our school theme this year is "Once Upon A Time" so I thought this would be fitting... maybe I can find a cheap locker mirror to put in the middle. 

Trying out these new seat sacks from Michelle Oaks and so far I am LOVING them.  They're so roomy they fit everything!... And they're black! 

My work space.

THIS cart has been floating around the web and I HAD to have it! I heard Ikea was no longer making it so I'm glad I snagged it.  I use it as a catch all (right by my easel and doc cam) and it has everything I need!

There you have it, my MINTY fresh classroom! 

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  1. I want to go back to school and be in your classroom. It looks awesome