Saturday, August 27, 2016

Classroom Tour 2016-2017

Well hello there!

Today I'm sharing my newest classroom decor.  I got inspired this summer and I starting selling my old stuff and buying new stuff! When I got incredible feedback on my Insta page on this picture.....
I knew I would have to go ALL OUT! 

Labels are in my shop --> click HERE

I've tried to remember where everything is from but if you have any questions just leave me a comment below!

This is my chair that I've had for four years and it's held up well! 
Chair: Ikea
Pillow: Hobby Lobby

And I love my new easel (from Ikea) I just spray painted it in Nautical color to match my room! Isn't it so pretty?!

This wall above the lockers will be where we put our Rules/Expectations.
Table Fans- Hobby Lobby
Table/Team Number Labels- Mint Decor Pack
Table Baskets & Bins- Wal Mart

I LOVE the way this wall turned out. I'll be using it for each month's directed drawings. 
Cubbies- Target
Book Boxes- Really Good Stuff
Bin Labels- Kinder Craze
Rug- Target (online)
Pillows- Ikea & 5 Below

Our anchor charts will be on this wall here above the student's book boxes. A small technology stations to the left where I have class ipads & ipod listening station (in the bright boxes).
Pillows- Wal Mart & Amazon

Next up is our writing station.  The table is lowered so it fits these stools nicely. Our writing words are from the super talented Cara Carroll.
Lamp- Wal Mart
Stools- Ikea
Crayon box- Lowe's
Crayon Labels- 

This is our Calendar area with lots of information; Month's, colors, How Many Days, etc.
Calendar & How Many Days- Mint Decor
White Shelf & Bins- Ikea

LOVE my new desk chair and printer!!  This is my little area, coffee pot and color printer is all this girl needs to be happy!
Mint Metal Chair- Ikea 
Black Stools- Ikea
Color Printer- Amazon (First Grade Blue Skies Rec)
Mint Bins- Target
Colored Lights- I think Lowe's (a loooong time ago)

I decided to try some fine motor/stem tubs in the mornings (after their Rise & shine binders) and we'll rotate them each day.
Here's where I put them.

Each day I'll move the clothespin that says Team numbers. 

Our new phonics curriculum is Taping With Tiles so here's my big tiles board. :)

Our school theme this year is "Once Upon A Time" so I thought this would be fitting... maybe I can find a cheap locker mirror to put in the middle. 

Trying out these new seat sacks from Michelle Oaks and so far I am LOVING them.  They're so roomy they fit everything!... And they're black! 

My work space.

THIS cart has been floating around the web and I HAD to have it! I heard Ikea was no longer making it so I'm glad I snagged it.  I use it as a catch all (right by my easel and doc cam) and it has everything I need!

There you have it, my MINTY fresh classroom! 

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Five for Friday

We have been busy bees lately! I'm linking up with Kacey over at Doodle Bugs for a little linky!

I LOVE this time of year, my kiddos are SO independent and I can really dig into my reading groups! Here's a little snapshot...

I love these easy play doh mats, great fine motor and excellent sight word review!

I love using this Sight Word Checklist from Cara! It's an easy to read format and super easy to asses. 

I went to a training this week for Tapping Out with Tiles and it is amazing!  Ya'll I got so motivated to teach PHONICS!!! We are starting this program next year and I am so geeked out about it! Check it out if you are looking for a new program!

Because everyone knows your home laminator is much thicker than the school laminator.

These are my other kiddos that keep me from blogging consistently.  Now look at those faces and feel sorry for me... :)

I have been searching high and low for some ways to keep my kiddos engaged through the end of the year and Ashlyn over at The Creative Classroom definitely gave some great tips!  If you're interested in ways to keep your kids focused, check it out!

My teacher style has been graphic tees lately...
Who doesn't love a little FRI-YAY?!

This is my favorite Oliver and Otis shirt that reminds me His graces are new every day!

Have a happy weekend friends!

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Egg-celent Job!

We're at that point in the year that we ALL have a little bit of spring fever.  My student's do a pretty good job at staying on task but I was needing that little boost of surprise to keep them on their toes.

Rachelle, over at What the Teacher Wants originally posted this fabulous idea and I love it!  I made a different template to match my student's needs (and what I had in the pantry). 

I keep this super simple!!!! I have ONE basket and about 24 eggs (21 students)  If I see a student on task I just praise them and ask them to quietly stand up and choose an egg.  They read it aloud to the class and get their reward immediately.  Since we don't have school on Friday I thought this would be better than my warm fuzzies because they won't be able to trade out for "Fun Friday."  I'll keep a class checklist at my fingertips so I can be sure every child gets chosen at least once, I'll choose 5 students a day.  It's a win-win. Everyone is happy!

Most of the rewards are intangible but the few that are I'll just keep those rewards in a small bucket behind my desk if they choose it. I "talk up" each reward so much that usually they are ecstatic but occasionally you have a child ask can I choose a different one. The answer is no. That's when the whole "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit".... or ask for something else.  Our school-wide lesson is all about being grateful for what you get, no matter what it may be so I just gently remind them of this and we move on. 

I always try to get things for my own kid's eggs that aren't candy so I purchased a few rolls of these stickers from Oriental Trading a few weeks ago and you should also check out these little stamps.  I'll just tear off 2-3 and they roll up nicely to fit in the eggs.
My basket is from Target and most of the eggs are from the Dollar Tree.

 If you like this template you can download it here

If you're looking for a few Easter themed units, check these out!

Or check out {these} freebies!

Thanks for stopping by friends! Do you have any ideas on how to spice up behavior incentives during this time of year? I'm all ears!!! <Insert bunny emoji here>
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100th Day of School in First Grade

Our 100th Day of school in pictures!

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