Friday, March 27, 2015

Contraction Surgery

Contractions are way more fun when you can pretend to be a surgeon!

My kiddos did so great with this lesson.  Check out what resources I used and how we made contractions fun with med school. :)

First of all I must say how amazing my team is!

I'm not sure if I've said it before but oh my word, these ladies are incredible.  They are all such hard working, dedicated and loving teachers.  They have set such amazing standards for each of their students and they truly expect the very best! Each one of these women has an incredible ability to engage their kiddos and they LOVE what they do!  Thank you ladies for inspiring me everyday!

With that said, we plan everything together and teach the SAME things!  How's that for team teaching?! Everyone participates and finds great lessons so we can make the most of every skill for our students. I could not have made it through this year without each one of them!

This week we taught contractions and the kiddos had a blast! We used this packet from Christie over at First Grade Fever and it inspired us to turn our students into surgeons! 

The first day we introduced contractions with an anchor chart and these cute little word cards that each student helped to find it's match.  We talked about an apostrophe and what it looked like.  We talked a lot about the shape and how it replaces some letters.
After the students had a little practice on their own of putting them together we had surgery day!
Here's Dr. O'Donel.. I know that's not how that name is spelled but I ran out of room, so that's what you get. 
At least his name has a contraction in it. :)

I got this idea for an anchor chart from Fun With Firsties... no, I can not draw but she made it pretty simple to copy so thanks for that Sam!

Here's what the operating table looked like...

They were so excited when they came back to class to see their classroom transformed!

Here's our anchor chart after we filled it with contractions!! 

We are licensed Doctors ready for surgery!

I was sure to pin all the ideas I got from Pinterest. For a more detailed look check out my Pinterest Board {here}.

Happy teaching!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Subtraction Roll

This is one of my favorite "go to" activities when introducing subtraction.  I love the fact that all the students need is one die to play!  This is also a great game to use when you pull students in a small group for extra practice.  It's super simple to implement and an easy resource to grab when you don't have much time to prep.

I also love playing this wih my students whole group with a large die or two dice for a bigger number!  Just write the subtraction sentence on the board and fill in the blanks as you play together.  The students love calling out the answer and really get the extra practice when you model it whole group.

Just click the picture below to grab yours free!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Meet Mia Moore

I'm sorry I've been M.I.A. for the past few months (no pun intended).  :)

It has been a little nutty in the Moore Household.  We have welcomed our perfect little girl 
Mia Lynn Moore into the world on Dec. 1st and she has been a total blessing to us!!

To read about her birth story check out my little ol' family blog here.  I have also written her 1 month post here.  Yes, things on the family side are really movin' and groovin'.  Maddox is 22 months and that makes for a VERY busy and SLEEPY mommy!  I haven't had much time to blog about my classroom activities but I know for a fact my sub is doing amazing!  Everyone raves about her and I know my kids just love her!! I actually got a chance to see my students before the Christmas break for a quick minute and they got to meet Ms. Mia.  They were obsessed, I loved it!

Since being on maternity leave I did get to finish up my Winter Math Stations and I'm currently working on my February Math Stations!  If you still need some ideas for math tubs or small groups please check out my packet.  There are 10 winter themed math games and activities to keep your littles engaged and having fun!

I'll let you know as soon as I get February math finished and maybe have a little giveaway!

Thanks for stopping by my friends and I promise I'll keep you updated on things coming up!

Have a great week!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Fun & a FREEBIE!

I am so excited to have the chance to incorporate some Halloween fun in my math stations this year.  My previous district didn't allow anything like that so now I get to make some fun math games and activities and use all those erasers that I've been hoarding from the Target Dollar spot!

Here's a preview of what we've been doing!

We've been practicing adding one more and one less. And this little activity is perfect!  They just roll two dice and add or subtract one more.  Then they find that number and cover it with the little ghost erasers.  So easy and definietly helps with number recognition and adding/subtracting one more!

This is an oldie but goodie!  I just printed and laminated these little game mats and threw in some dice and spiders!  They love this one!

This is a simple cover that number game.  Simple addition here; they just add the two numbers of what they rolled and cover that number.

I love this one!  Practicing ten frames with missing numbers!

I have this sweet little packet on sale in my shop.  Just click the picture to take you there!

If you need a little something to test it out, check out this freebie in my shop!

Have a happy Friday!

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Apple Week 2014

We started our week with a bang and learned all about apples, apple orchards, life cycle of an apple and Johnny Appleseed!!

This book is always a favorite of mine.  Gail Gibbons always fills her books with so much information! And the kids love it!
Click the photo to get your copy!

I loved doing this little activity; incorporating a writer's workshop lesson "labeling" and learning parts of an apple.  Didn't they turn out so cute?!

We also had a little taste testing to fill in our graph of our favorite apple and of course any taste test is ALWAYS fun!


And after tasting of course we had to graph it!

We wrapped up the week with some Johnny Appleseed and these cute little apple collages!

I just love the way they turned out!

One of my friends asked me about my round head shots of my class to showcase their work and I must say it was super easy to do.  I used Power Point to create them.  

Here are a few easy steps.
Insert photo.
Click "crop" and then "Mask to Shape".
I chose circle.
Then just make them the size you want. 
I did two inch circles so I could use my trusty two inch punch to make it easier.  

That's it!

I'll probably add a black background next time so there won't be any white around the edges... but this works for now! :)

If you need any ideas or extra resources for your apple week, check these out!

This is a math station packet (aligned with common core) with 5 different skills for your math groups or stations!

Teri over at A Cupcake for the Teacher has this adorable craft-ivity of Johnny Appleseed!

Here are a few freebies in my store, click the pic to get yours!

Word Search

Parts of an Apple Labeling

Apple Taste Test

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek into our apple week!

Happy Friday!

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Spray Paint FUN!

I can't believe school is just around the corner!  We start back with kiddos Aug. 26th and I have been having nightmares dreaming about my classroom set up and my new bunch of kidlets for weeks! 

I was inspired by Maria's color palette of spray paints so when I found these wooden frames I knew those colors would be perfect!  So I'm linking up to show you what I've made so far!

I started with these unfinished wood frames that I found at Michael's for dirt cheap.  I purchased multiple styles so I could really play with them while decorating.

After a light coat of primer I slowly painted each one with probably 3-4 coats each.  I didn't want the paint too thick but I wanted the colors to look really bold.  

And I think they came out perfectly!!

I may have gotten a little spray paint happy buuuut I really wanted to spice up some clothespins with out having to cut out decorative scrap paper and modge podging them so I came up with this idea!

I found a box that we had just received from Amazon (yes, I'm addicted to Amazon) and clipped the clothespins all around each flap.  I read somewhere to clip the pins to something so you can flip them back and forth to get each side.... and this idea worked perfectly for that.  I could flip them and let them dry without setting them down or holding them up the whole time. 
 I started with one color flipped the flap inward and painted the outside and flipped it out to do the same until each side was painted.  Then I just let them sit in the garage until they were dry.  So easy and it didn't require ANY cutting or modge podge!  Now when I hang student work their clips will POP! 

If you're thinking about doing it, I say go for it!! You will not be disappointed! 

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Daily 5 Book Study: Chapters 3 & 4

I think Chapter 3 is the heart of the book (so far).  It definitely talks a lot more about the 10 Steps of Independence.  The Sisters explained this theory in the first book but this time they dedicate the entire chapter to it.  It is the heart of what Daily 5 is all about, it's what makes it work!  So here it is broken down...

Step 1: Identify What is Being Taught-  Get your students thinking about what they will be learning about.  

Step 2: Set a Purpose & Create a  Sense of Urgency- It answers two questions: Why are we learning this and why is this important? Don't you ask yourself the same questions when in a training?

Step 3: Record Desired Behaviors on an I Chart- I LOVE using these I can charts, we refer back to them often during the year.  The difference now is how you should just announce the behavior, list it and explain it as opposed to allowing the students to come up with the behavior.  It makes your lesson much shorter and to the point! Can I get an amen? 

Setep 4: Model Most Desired Behaviors- This is crucial in the first few days of introducing stamina and practicing.  It allows you to give your students the well deserved praise by having them demonstrate in front of the others.  I love praising them and giving them an extra fuzzy and discussing how that behavior will make him/her a better reader, writer, etc.  

Step 5: Model Least Desired Behaviors- This step is also pretty crucial.  Allowing students to demonstrate "what not to do" is such a real vision of what they should look like.  Calling up the friend that is usually off task gives the opportunity to get some attention and for everyone to have a little giggle at the student with the book on thier head.  And we always follow up with, "Boys and girls if _____ continues doing this will he/she become a better reader?"

Step 6: Place Students Around the Room- I like this step for the beginning of the year, when all my students think the bean bags are the best choice, that's not always the case.  This step allows you to have control (in the beginning) and placing them around the room.  First by calling them up to get their book box and second telling them, "try this spot and think to yourself, "is this a place where I and others can be successful?"

By the third week of school I had a student that LOVED sitting/laying under this table, it was comfortbale she enjoyed the privacy and she was making herself a better reader!

This is my book box area, the students quickly learn where their book box goes and to keep them nice and neat.  And I just LOVE the numbers from Teri, they work for EVERYTHING! I don't have to re-label my stuff each year with their name. :)

The top shelf are their fuzzy cups.

Step 7: Practice and Build Stamina- I love using the stamina chart to have a clear visual of where we should be.  The sisters are very clear that each year and each class looks different while building stamina.  Sometimes you will have a class that sores and can build quickly or you can have the opposite and have the class that just needs to move slow and really see what stamina is all about. 

Step 8: Stay Out of the Way- This step takes place simultaneously as step 7.  It is important for us to stay OUT OF THE WAY!  The inner teacher in us wants to walk the room and give praise or gently remind but that is simply not what they should expect from us the entire year.  We are training them to gain stamina so we can work one on one or with a small group so they should expect to find us at our guided reading table.  So stay!
Sidenote: at the end of the year (this year) I was done working with small groups and while my students were at D5, I was checking emails (at my desk) a parent asked me to remind their child something (important) so I called that childs name and their head immediately whipped around the guided reading table, epecting to find me there.  It was a small reminder to me that they need to know where we are just as much as we need to know where they are at all times.  

Step 9: Use a Quiet Signal to Bring Students Back to the Gathering Space- When I taught kindergarten I used this low, choo choo whistle to signal the kids back.  This past year with second grade I just used a calm voice to bring them back and that worked.  This coming year I'm excited to try something new, maybe this light timer would be a good visual!

Step 10: Conduct a Group Check In; Ask "How Did It Go"- This is when you go back to the I Chart and ask your students how it went and really allow them to reflect on ther time.

This chapter is mainly about the necessary tools you need to be successful, including book boxes, a comfortable gathering/work place and a chime or signal to gather the students.  

I love my "reading rug" that I bought a few years ago for my class.  It has a place for every child and they are in their own space!  I definitely recommend getting a rug like this!

It also talks about the importance of having a large library.  I have accumulated a lot of my books from donations (from students) scholastic points, garage sales and re sale shops!  It's very easy to do if you know where to search!  Here's a peek at my reading corner.  Student book boxes one one side and books on the other side, organized by genre and author.

I also have a second set of leveled books behind my reading table for easy shopping after a reading group.

I love the idea of "chime" to gather your students, I think I'll try it this year.  What do you use?

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